Kingdom Hearts 3’ PS4 Trophy List: Is It Easy To Platinum? (No Spoilers)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled

The PlayStation 4 trophy list for Square Enix and Disney's Kingdom Hearts 3 has been leaked.

As reported by KHInsider, the PlayStation 4 trophy list for Square Enix and Disney's Kingdom Hearts 3 has been shared on Reddit. To avoid spoilers, we won’t discuss any of the achievements related to the plot. But, if you’re someone who simply can’t wait a mere twenty days more for Square Enix’s weird, melodramatic, and dark finale, then you’re welcome to check out the full list here.

Fans will be pleased to hear that Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t look too difficult to platinum. Like the first two instalments, the hardest trophy will undoubtedly be synthesising the Ultima weapon. No matter how many YouTube guides there are, the weapon crafting in the series has always been a convoluted pain harder to understand than the actual story.

The easiest trophies are no doubt simply completing the worlds, killing 5,000 foes, and using an attraction to defeat enemies for the first time. But, unlike any other Kingdom Hearts game, if you want to platinum Sora’s send-off you’ll have to take as many selfies as Kim Kardashian takes in an hour (50 to be precise).

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29, 2019. There aren’t any ‘surprise’ Disney worlds, but fans should be pleased with the diverse range of bosses, summons, and locales. Unfortunately, a good portion of Kingdom Hearts 3 was said to have been leaked on Twitter, so you will need to be cautious when browsing your social media platforms. But, regardless what you think of the leaks and included Disney worlds, we should all be happy we're at least getting Kingdom Hearts 3 as it nearly didn't happen.

If you’re planning on picking up Resident Evil 2 as well as Kingdom Hearts 3 (and you really should), you’ll be pleased to know that Capcom’s remake also looks easy to platinum.

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