Lana Del Rey has unveiled an incredible new song ahead of her forthcoming record.

American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey boasts many talents, but none more captivating than her ability to transfix listeners in her melancholic melodies. The Americana obsessive has earned herself a reputation within the sphere of modern music and has attracted a wide, diverse following with numerous studio-albums and wonderful singles. Her music possesses a strange quality, and as many have suggested, leaves one with a cinematic impression.

The artist found that there were issues with her debut studio-effort Lana Del Ray in 2010. Unable to fund it, there was no choice but to have it pulled from retailers; her sophomore effort, on the other hand, would not run into such issues. Lana Del Rey became a sensation with her second record Born to Die in 2012, which contained such addictive singles as “Video Games”, “Born to Die”, “Blue Jeans” and “National Anthem”. Critics and general listeners were able to hear a wealth of influence in her work, ranging from Anthony and the Johnsons, Nina Simone, Lou Reed – and perhaps most notably, Hope Sandoval. Although categorised under the banner of “Hollywood sadcore”, her music is rich in a variety of sounds. On her latest song, we are able to hear her at her very best. 

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As the release of her forthcoming record – Norman Fucking Rockwell – draws closer, listeners have been treated to a little taste. Perhaps a poor choice of words; although only one track, there is nothing small about “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but I have it”. Listen here:

The artist’s sixth studio effort is one of the most anticipated of the year, and the release of this new cut has certainly peaked interests. The song feels like a quiet, personal epic in some respects, and this is definitely one of her most impressive pieces to date. It begins as very relaxing, luxurious, and quintessential of Lana Del Rey’s sound; her voice is central, ready to lure us into her lyrical confessional. It’s lyrically striking and feels intimately personal – this is one of these songs that manages to make you feel closer to the artist in refreshing ways. The piano accompaniment is also beautiful and compliments the vocal performance gorgeously.

This is exactly what Lana Del Rey is capable of delivering at this point in her career, and we can expect the new record to carry the same haunting, soulful weight. Expectations continue to be exceeded.

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