A new BioShock will be coming out in 2020 according to a reliable game analyst, but will it star Elizabeth and the Big Daddies?

As reported by Unilad, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Secruities reckons we could be getting a brand new BioShock in 2020. We haven’t had a new entry in the franchise since BioShock Infinite back in 2013, so this is undoubtedly exciting news.

Pachter’s prediction could be accurate or entirely wrong, but it is worth noting he is the industry analyst who correctly predicted Call Of Duty: Blacks Ops 4 would join the battle royale bandwagon. And if this isn’t enough, Kotaku also revealed back in April 2018 that a top-secret 2K Games studio was developing the first instalment since Irrational Games was shut down and creative director Ken Levine left.

It only makes sense for there to be a new BioShock. Although 2K Games might struggle without Ken Levine penning the narrative, each of the instalments were financial hits so it’d be foolish for the suits to not capitalise on the franchise’s popularity. Regardless of Infinite being a disappointing downgrade for some, the community is craving a new entry.

There’s no possible way of knowing where the next BioShock will take place. The first two commenced at the infamous underwater city of Rapture, meanwhile BioShock Infinite was situated in the sky at Columbia. With there being an infinite number of lighthouses, the next BioShock could be anywhere. But, regardless of where it is situated, will it star Elizabeth and the Big Daddies? Despite being a fan-favourite, Elizabeth’s return is highly unlikely seeing as each instalment has starred new protagonists, along with the fact she sacrificed herself at the end of the Burial At Sea DLC. But, again with there being infinite universes, it’s not impossible for 2K to bring her back in some capacity if they wish to fall back on her popularity. Meanwhile, the staple Big Daddy will presumably take on another shape.

For the next BioShock to be real and coming out in 2020, it will have to be shown at this year’s E3. If it isn’t showcased at the industry’s biggest event, then it likely isn’t real and we will all have gotten excited for nothing.

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