Have Atlus teased a Western release date or Nintendo Switch port for the video game industry’s sexiest love triangle, Catherine: Full Body?

As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, Atlus is teasing a big Catherine: Full Body announcement. Catherine’s official Japanese Twitter page told fans to check back on January 10 at 10pm Eastern time.

It’s difficult to speculate exactly what Atlus are teasing. Although it’d be amazing if Catherine: Full Body’s Western release date was to be revealed, it’s massively unlikely seeing as none of Atlus’s Western accounts have shared the tease.

There is the slim possibility that Atlus’s sudden affiliation with Nintendo could lead to a Switch release, but this is again unlikely as Catherine: Full Body aptly launches on Valentines Day in Japan. The reveal of a Nintendo Switch port wouldn’t make sense as it’d be way too soon, and would potentially ruin the game’s sales on PS4.


With it having already been announced that Persona 5’s Joker will be playable and that The Phantom Thieves will appear throughout various cutscenes, another Atlus’ cross-over is also doubtful. So, overall, we have no idea what HUGE surprise Atlus could be teasing just over a month before Catherine: Full Body releases in Japan.

Unfortunately, no matter what the reveal is, Catherine’s ESRB rating suggests PC gamers will simply have to make do with the original version. This means that players on the so-called ‘master race’ won’t have the luxury of being involved in a messy love triangle starring Catherine with a C, Katherine with a K, and a Rin with supposedly the worst kept secret between her legs.

Catherine: Full Body launches in Japan on February 14 for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Although we have no idea what Atlus have up their sleeve, we fortunately won’t have to wait very long. In the meantime, we’ll keep our fingers-crossed for the reveal of a Western release date. 

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