Apple Leaked Images show iPhone XI Triple Rear Camera

The new Apple iPhone X are seen on display at the Apple Store in Tokyo, Japan, September 30, 2018.


Just months after the launch of Apple’s latest flagship handsets, the iPhone XS and XS Max, leaks have emerged which have since been verified about the highly anticipated iPhone that’s due to be released this year.

After a few rocky months and sales that were significantly lower than anticipated, Apple have whetted the appetite of their huge customer base after the leaked image of the iPhone XI shows a triple rear camera, comparable to that of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy A7. As mentioned in Forbes,

The triple lens functionality is limitless and could see users being able to shoot better photos in low light environments, as well as a significant boost to optical zoom. If Apple are planning on using the new technology in a similar way to that of now major competitor, Huawei, this could mean the introduction a wide-angle lens functionality.

Apple haven’t ever experienced a leak this long before launch – could this perhaps be a ploy to try and persuade the market to part with their loved iPhone 8’s in September? This certainly seems to be the case. The main criticism of the XS and XS Max was that it didn’t offer much more to customers than its predecessor, the iPhone X. It offered slight improvements to the already stunning display, as well as slight modifications to the camera. For phones that cost £999 and £1099 (XS and XS Max respectively) many concluded that the changes simply weren’t enough to warrant a new phone.

The main criticism of the iPhone XR is that it’s overpriced compared to the iPhone 8 and (again) doesn't offer much more than its predecessor. The dip in sales post launch has seen Apple fall from the worlds first trillion dollar company to the fourth biggest company in the world, behind Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet. 

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