20th Century Fox’s Alien: Blackout is an underwhelming mobile title, and Cold Iron Studios’ contribution to the Alien lore is an MMO shooter.

Yesterday 20th Century Fox disappointed us all by revealing that the heavily anticipated Alien: Blackout is merely a mobile game. Although not all mobile games are predatory cashgrabs, this was hardly the announcement gamers were expecting or wanted. Fans of Alien: Isolation have been craving another AAA, first-person stealth game starring Amanda Ripley, and that unfortunately appears even more unlikely with Cold Iron Studios’ Alien project being a Massive Multiplayer Online shooter.

Reported by TweakTown, an official press email reveals that Cold Iron Studios’ contribution to the Alien lore will be for consoles and PC:

“This year, fans of the critically-acclaimed Alien: Isolation video game are invited to embark on new adventures with Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, by watching, playing, and reading her story as she renews her fight against the aliens after the events of Isolation.

20th Century Fox will partner with a wide range of storytellers and innovators to bring this epic chapter in the Alien Universe to life, with even more entries in Amanda Ripley’s story soon to be announced.

“FoxNext Games’ studio, Cold Iron Studios, is also currently at work on a massively multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for consoles and PC.”

Although better than a mobile game that sounds almost identical to the original Five Nights At Freddy’s, a multiplayer shooter is still not we want. There’s potential for Cold Iron Studios’ to create a Colonial Marines game that makes up for Gearbox’s cataclysmic fail back in 2013, but we crave a SINGLE-PLAYER horror.

Alien: Isolation remains one of the current gen’s scariest survival horrors because it’s a lonely nightmare that pits you against the most unpredictable and perfect predator. With a group of friends online, one, two, or a million Xenomorphs won’t be nearly as terrifying. Dead Space and Resident Evil are both beloved survival horror franchises that made the mistake of moving away from solitary experiences to action-packed, co-op and multiplayer shooters. And it appears as if FoxNet are destined to repeat Capcom’s and EA’s mistakes.

No one knows exactly how Cold Iron Studios’ multiplayer shooter will turn out, but it’s likely to be a game where players can either be the marines or Xenomorphs. Alien: Blackout comes out on mobile devices on January 24, 2019, meanwhile there is no announced release date for Cold Iron Studios’ Alien MMO shooter.  While Amanda Ripley isn’t confirmed to be in the MMO, 20th Century Fox have teased a new graphic novel and potentially more for Ellen Ripley’s ‘rebellious’ daughter.