With 2019 being Alien’s 40th anniversary, are 20th Century Fox planning to release a new comic book and movie, as well as the unannounced Alien: Blackout?

Reported by Eurogamer, 20th Cenutry Fox has possibly teased the much rumoured Alien: Blackout on their official Alien Twitter page.

Posted on January 5, the uploaded tweet describes Amanda Ripley as a daughter, hero and rebel whose story needs to be told. The accompanying 15-second video doesn’t show much besides a nametag, but the attire is noticeably identical to Ripley’s suit in Sega and Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation.

PC Gamer mentioned that Redditors have hypothesised that the #ReadPlayWatch hashtag could mean that Fox are launching an Alien comic, video game and a movie to celebrate the franchise’s 40th anniversary this year.

A new Alien game this year seems likely as 20th Century Fox trademarked the unannounced Alien: Blackout back in November 2018. Although it may not be developed by Creative Assembly, Fox’s tease suggests that Ellen Ripley’s daughter will again be the star.