A new album from Cardi B is on the way, and fans are incredibly excited.

The American rapper and songwriter rose to achieve unprecedented fame in the year of her debut studio-album Invasion of Privacy. 2018 was the year of Cardi B the artist broke records and cultivated an admirable following with her distinguished personality and widely recognised musical output, and this year also looks set to be taken by storm. 

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Although quite the recent phenomenon, she was still listed by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world last year, and it’s not hard to see why. She has already received seven Grammy nominations, and this all appears to be the very inception of the artists’ sure-to-be monumental career. 

Cardi B revealed live on Instagram that she has plans for a new record this year, following up her successful debut, which was released last April. Although release details are unconfirmed, there is absolutely no escaping the rapper’s authoritative presence in the meantime. 

Often the subject of extensive and frequent media coverage, information regarding Cardi B’s hotly anticipated new project will likely be revealed in the near future; until then, we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled.

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