PC gamers will finally be able to experience Atlus’s Catherine; the sexy and erotic nightmare that has a baby with a chainsaw and a butt with a tongue.

As reported by Ladbible and Gamespot, Atlus’s sexy and erotic Catherine is coming to PC after previously being exclusive to Xbox 360 and PS3. While the ESRB rating suggests that it will merely be the vanilla original rather than the enhanced Catherine: Full Body, PC gamers must still play it as it’s one of the consoles’ weirdest and most unforgettable games.

Assuming it comes to PC this year, Catherine will be released in the same 12-month period as the extended Full Body edition for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. While PC loyalists will undoubtedly be annoyed about not being able to play the remaster that includes the additional love interest Rin, the vanilla version is still an underappreciated masterpiece and one of Atlus’s best titles.

Catherine is a romantic horror that puts players in the difficult situation of having to pick between being loyal to the sexy but obsessed with marriage Katherine, or cheating on her to be with the mysterious and pizza loving Catherine. And as if the names weren’t confusing enough, players are also made to climb a Tartarus-esque tower filled with sheep, spikes, and demented demons such as a baby with a chainsaw and a distorted butt that suggestively moans while licking everything in sight.

There’s no word on when Catherine will be coming to PC, nor is there a release date for the western version of Catherine: Full Body. If you own a PlayStation 4 and never got to experience the crazy hijinks of Catherine, then you need to play Full Body. And if you’re a PC loyalist who incessantly annoys everyone by bragging about it being the master race, then you’ll just have to make do with a port of the original.

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