The reunion of the beloved British sitcom The Inbetweeners didn’t quite go to plan.

On 1 January 2019, the four stars of the show – Blake Harrison (Neil), James Buckley (Jay), Joe Thomas (Simon) and Simon Bird (Will) – all came back to our screens for a one-off comedy special. Titled “Fwends Reunited”, the programme was intended to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the hilarious coming-of-age; unfortunately fans were not impressed.

The TV special was essentially a chat-show hosted by Jimmy Carr, and included a quiz with Inbetweeners super-fans. Fans must have been expecting a little more, and took to all forms of social media to express their disappointment with the results.

Actors Joe Thomas (L) and Simon Bird (R) pose at the premier of The Inbetweeners 2 at Event Cinemas, Broadway on August 17, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Inbetweeners 2 will be…

Fortunately, a minority were just happy to see their faces together, and have them fondly reminisce the experience of creating the show. All of the characters have an undeniable charm, and although they have worked well on their own since the show came to an end, there’s no doubt that they work wonderfully as a group.

The reason that most audiences kicked up a fuss is because they were expecting a brand-new episode, rather than a reflective farewell to a huge part of the cast’s careers. The negativity surrounding “Fwends Reunited” has actually encouraged stars James Buckley and Blake Harrison to respond: 

Harrison is clearly irritated by it; after all, the stars didn’t have to give audiences anymore, and they are arguably too old to take up the roles for a sixth outing. Buckley, on the other hand, is clearly feeling victimised, apologising to those who feel let down.

It’s good of the star – who played the show’s foul-mouthed fan-favourite Jay – to come out and address the backlash, but honestly, he really didn’t have to. It’s a clear indication that he’s a good guy with the hearts of fans in his best interest. We should all be happy for what the cast and creators of The Inbetweeners have done for us, and the hours of entertainment and laughter they have provided; their solo-ventures will continue to do so.

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