Revealed back in 2015 for the PS4, the Quantic Dream and Detroit: Become Human inspired Without Memory has been frozen.

Reported by Gamefragger, the Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain inspired project Without Memory has been cancelled. Developed by a small Russian team at Dino Games, Without Memory was an ambitious idea that was intended to be a non-linear story that plays like a Quantic Dream game. Unfortunately, Dino Games has announced that the project is indefinitely cancelled because they were not able to seduce a big publisher:

“[…] we were not able to find a game publisher for Without Memory and the development has been frozen indefinitely. We would like to thank everyone who followed us and supported our team all this time”.

Revealed back in 2015, the development video above shows how Without Memory was shaping up to be eerily similar to Detroit: Become Human with its futuristic setting, quick-time-events, and emphasis on consequences. Although it may not have been as polished and refined as Quantic Dream’s blockbusters, it’s a shame that Without Memory has been frozen. Yes, its superficial similarities may have put publishers off, but the game was an ambitious project that sounded interesting.

While Without Memory has unfortunately been frozen with Dino Games working on an entirely new IP that will be announced in the near future, Quantic Dream has potentially teased Detroit: Become Human DLC or a new game.