Anthem’s Lead Producer at BioWare has made gamers worried that EA’s newest project might not be as long as Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

BioWare and EA’s Anthem is only a couple months away, and gamers are unsure about whether it’s going to be a nuclear bomb or a horribly marketed package of chocolate delights. Both the developer and publisher has tried to persuade fans that it’s not another Destiny and that there is an emphasis on story, but it’s hard for gamers to shake off the feeling that it’s a waste of BioWare’s talents when they’ve made amazing, narrative-driven and single-player titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

To try and further convince the community that Anthem won’t be a drunken mistake similar to Andromeda, members of the development team have been answering questions on Twitter. One of the many queries was about how long the game is compared to Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and the given reply was extremely vague:

Another member of the team said that the game’s length depends on if players complete side missions or simply rush through the campaign. However, while this suggests that the main campaign on its own isn’t as long as Mass Effect or Dragon Age, fans needn’t be worried about the game’s length as there are potentially much bigger issues.

Rather than worrying about if the game is 20, 30, 50 or 100 hours long, gamers should be concerned about if it’s actually any good. The developers have tried to convince the world that Anthem is the next big franchise everyone’s going to be obsessed about, but the marketing has been massively inconsistent and the game lacks a solid identity. People are unsure if the main focus is telling a compelling story, or if it is just another underwhelming grind in which the developer and publisher can hide behind the feeble excuse of it being a game built for monthly updates.

An issue with the industry is that developers and gamers are so focused on quantity rather than quality. Yes, the game could be a 50-hour extravaganza, but what does it matter if it’s a bore crammed with fetch quests and monotonous chores? If anything, BioWare and EA need to be focused on establishing a clear identity for Anthem so it can grow a fanbase and become a huge franchise like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. It doesn’t need to be extremely long, it needs to be extremely good.

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