Have Detroit: Become Human Devs Quantic Dream Teased A New Game?

Detroit Become Human North

Quantic Dream have teased ‘good news’ for 2019, resulting in fans hoping for a new game or Detroit: Become Human DLC.

Detroit: Become Human developers Quantic Dream have posted a thank you message on Twitter leading fans to believe that they will announce a new game or DLC for 2019.

Although David Cage has many detractors for supposedly being a pretentious snob who’d rather make movies than video games, Detroit: Become Human was a compelling experience and one of 2018’s best games. Sure, it was occasionally hammy with the in-your-face references to past discriminations and black history, but its likeable cast of characters made its narrative gripping and emotional rather than silly and over-the-top like Beyond: Two Souls.

While the announcement of a brand new game would be amazing, it’s highly unlikely with Detroit: Become Human being so recent. As for DLC, the chances are better, but again slim. Cage could depict what happens beyond the credits, or he could choose to explore one of the many side characters like North, Luther or the Jerrys in more depth.

However, as reported by Wccftech, the rumours on ResetERA forums about Quantic Dream being acquired by Sony and joining SIE Worldwide Studios are more likely. Despite their games being divisive, Quantic Dream have been responsible for two of Sony’s best exclusives with Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, so continuing to be exclusive to PlayStation wouldn’t be a surprise.

Detroit: Become Human was a fantastic game and one of Sony’s best exclusives in 2018 alongside Marvel’s Spider-Man and God Of War. Fans should look forward to the ‘good news’ Quantic Dream have promised, but they shouldn’t be expecting the announcement of a new game. It’s far too soon for them to even be in the early stages of creating a new IP, so DLC is more likely. That or they will be joining SIE Worldwide Studios.

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