Atlus’s Persona 5 R Cannot Be A Nintendo Switch Exclusive (Updated)

Persona 5 Okumura

Persona 5 R being a Nintendo Switch exclusive would be a massive betrayal by Atlus.

Atlus’s Persona 5 R is seemingly all but confirmed to give Nintendo Switch owners an extended version of one of Sony’s best exclusives for the PlayStation 4. This would be a huge get for Nintendo as alongside Dragon Quest XI, Persona 5 is one of the most polished, approachable and popular JRPGs of the current gen. No one is protesting a definitive edition that includes more costumes, palaces, confidants, and personas, but the rumour about it being a Nintendo Switch exclusive would be an unacceptable move by Atlus.

Reported by Gearnuke, a verified user named MysticDistance on ResetERA has suggested that Persona 5 R could be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. They also mentioned that the rumoured enhanced edition will be announced after the premiere of the Persona 5 anime OVA Dark Sun, and that it will be released worldwide rather than initially only in Japan.

A worldwide launch would be amazing as EU and US gamers having to wait a year for Atlus titles already released in Japan has become an unsavoury joke that very few developers are still telling. However, while a worldwide launch would be a massive step in the right direction, Persona 5 R being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch would be a massive kick in the teeth for everyone who bought the original on PlayStation 4.

MysticDistance’s report is by no means gospel, but the mere suggestion that Persona 5 R could be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch is concerning. Yes, Atlus could release the extra content as DLC on the PSN store, but this is incredibly slim as they would undoubtedly want to resell the game on platforms for full-retail price. If it does end up being a Switch exclusive, then PlayStation 4 owners will have every right to feel as if they were sold a lesser product.


MysticDistance's suggestion that Persona 5 R could be a Nintendo Switch exclusive has been confirmed false as the recently released official P5R trailer from Atlus shows that it is a PlayStation 4 title. The trailer also reveals that more will be announced come March 2019.

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