The Phantom Thieves seem to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but what else does Atlus have planned with their array of registered Persona 5 domains?

Recently it was revealed that Atlus now owns the domain ‘P5R.JP’, leading us to discuss what we’d like to see included in the rumoured Persona 5 enhanced edition for the Nintendo Switch. Since then, Persona Central has reported that Atlus has now registered several more domains:








With Joker joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s extensive roster as DLC, it’s likely that P5S is simply an abbreviation for Persona 5 Switch. Meanwhile P5R could be code for the much joked about Persona 5 Red; an enhanced edition for the PlayStation 4 very much like Persona 4: Golden. Even though one of the biggest complaints about Persona 5 is that it’s way too long, an extended cut was always inevitable given Atlus’s past with Persona 3: FES and Persona 4: Golden.

While P5S and P5R seem obvious, P5M andP5B are mysteries that even the biggest Persona fan would find difficult to solve before the impending announcement. P5B could relate to the seemingly inevitable Persona 5 fighting game by Arc System Works, but P5M could be anything from another fanservice spin-off to an anime series to an additional live concert.

It seems all but confirmed that the Nintendo Switch is getting one of the PlayStation 4’s best exclusives. Fans of the high-school simulator should be excited for the inevitable announcement from Atlus that tells us just what these Persona 5 domains are all about. But, even though we don’t quite know what The Phantom Thieves are planning, 2019 looks set to be another year in which the merry men steal everyone’s heart.