WB Games Montréal continue to tease that their next Batman Arkham game will pit bat against owl.

Warner Bros. Montréal – the developers behind Batman: Arkham Origins – have further teased that they are working on a Batman Court Of Owls video game as the next instalment for the Arkham franchise in 2019.

Patrick Redding, the Creative Director at WB Games Montréal, recently posted on his personal Twitter account a message wishing gamers a happy holiday season from everyone at the studio. While this sounds insignificant, the message ends with the suggestive statement that he hopes 2019 delivers everything they desire. This has resulted in Batman fans everywhere creaming their jeans, believing that Redding’s post is a cheeky confirmation that the dark knight is ready to reclaim his status as the best superhero in video games next year.

As noted by TweakTown, Warner Bros. Montréal are said to be working on two big DC Comics games, with one of them reportedly being a Batman adventure in which Bruce has retired and stays in bed with Selina while Damien Wayne prowls Gotham’s plagued streets as the caped crusader. A Twitter post by Valerie Vezina, the studio’s Production Coordinator, strongly hints that their inevitable Batman game will star the Court Of Owls as the main baddies. Vezina’s post shows her wearing a black shirt with the emblem of an owl that is almost identical to the Court Of Owls’ insignia in the new graphic novels.

While the Joker, Two-Face, Penguin and Riddler could all make a return in some capacity, it’d be more than refreshing for the spotlight to be on one of Batman’s newest and most powerful foes in The Court Of Owls. The backdrop provides a ton of cinematic and gameplay scenarios with the Owls’ underground maze alone being a nightmarish struggle that would test players’ limits, and the story would give Warner Bros. Montréal the opportunity to confront Gotham’s unexplored history in video games.

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