We’ve been spoiled with Red Dead Redemption 2 and God Of War, but we’ve also been tortured with FIFA 19, Fallout 76 and…

Although it’s been a fantastic year for video games with magnificent titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, God Of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, certain developers and publishers have tried to spoil everyone’s fun by releasing lazy and exploitative garbage. Having already celebrated 2018’s very best, it’s time to – unfortunately – acknowledge the rubbish that deserves to be ignored and forgotten.


The community EA preys on will no doubt be outraged by FIFA 19’s place on a worst video games of 2018 list. Yes, the game is fun, it’s got single-player and online content, and the graphics are realistic enough to make you think it’s the real Neymar rolling around on the ground like a wailing baby whose had its lollipop snatched. However, it’s merely a minuscule update on 18, just like 18 was with 17, and so on. Career mode remains an untouched relic that requires major improvement, and the title overall is a morally corrupt casino which exhorts players into wasting real-life cash on endless amounts of terrible packs stuffed with players like Phil Jones.

Don’t buy the next one!

Sea Of Thieves

© Microsoft Studios

Rare may have improved Sea Of Thieves through patches, but that doesn’t change the fact it was a barren dump at launch. It’s not acceptable for any full-priced game to be released as an empty beta without any of the content that was promised. Aside from wandering the depressingly dull desert of waves, and travelling to land to fight armies of skeletons, skeletons and – yes – more skeletons, Sea Of Thieves provided absolutely nothing. And with there being sod all to do, playing pirates with friends quickly became excruciatingly boring, especially with everyone role-playing as Captain Jack Sparrow and incessantly humming The Pirates Of The Caribbean theme song.

Battlefield V

© Electronic Arts

EA and DICE deserve all the backlash they’ve received for Battlefield V. Despite the instalment being an empty sham with awful maps, bizarre design choices and a campaign which is a tonal mess, the developers still pretend they’re victims who were unfairly ruined by toxic and sexist gamers. Rather than blaming their failures on fans who didn’t agree with the vision and direction, DICE and EA must accept that they killed Battlefield V through their shameful communication, and for launching it as an incomplete bore that is still missing the much hyped battle royale mode.

The Quiet Man

© Square Enix

Playing as a deaf protagonist sounds interesting on paper, but Square Enix needed to do a lot more with the concept besides simply muting live-action scenes that were so obviously filmed with the intention of being heard. The decision to make the game’s good-looking hero unable to hear was blatantly an afterthought, and it destroyed any chance of the story making up for the monotonous combat. Said to be short so players can complete it in one sitting, The Quiet Man is still too long as it quickly turns from odd to boring to a punishment befitting the worst sinners in hell.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 somehow continues to get worse. Even if you ignore that Bethesda’s main goal with 76 is to loot players’ real-life pockets as quickly as possible, the game remains a shameful sham that was sold on lies. Instead of being a post-apocalyptic world brimming with NPCs and things to do, the title is a glitchy abomination that is only superficially connected to the Fallout series. There’s no story, there’s no human NPCs, and there’s nothing to do besides trudging through an ugly and outdated world largely sellotaped together with recycled assets. It’s an irremovable stain on Bethesda’s reputation that makes them as corrupt as EA.

Metal Gear Survive

© Konami

Fallout 76 is an indefensible farce which exploits the community’s unwavering love for the series, meanwhile Metal Gear Survive is a deplorable joke which insults the franchise, its fanbase, and series creator Hideo Kojima. Zombies – unsurprisingly – don’t fit what Metal Gear Solid is supposed to be about, nor do they make for riveting and intense survival gameplay. However, while the game’s price, blatant lack of effort and insulting nature is bad enough, Konami cemented themselves as the greediest suits by charging players real-life cash for additional save slots. Regardless if you somehow find enjoyment in building fences and poking zombies with a stick, locking save slots behind a paywall is an abhorrent act that makes Metal Gear Survive the year’s worst game alone.

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