Rocksteady’s worst villain in their Batman Arkham series is set to make his comic book debut.

Reported by CBR, Batman’s main antagonist in Batman: The Arkham Knight will be making his debut in DC’s milestone 1000th issue of Detective Comics. The first image of the infamous antagonist shows that, while he now wields a sword, he superficially remains the dark knight wannabe that made everyone groan when his identity was revealed in the final instalment of Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy.

© DC Comics/Doug Mahnke 

In the build-up to Batman: Arkham Knight’s release, Rocksteady heavily hyped the game’s eerily similar villain as their very own creation. Fans speculated that the Arkham Knight could have been Deathstroke in new garments, but the final reveal was much worse. As players progressed through the story, it quickly became apparent that the mysterious and oh so powerful Arkham Knight was really a whiny lackey who was second fiddle to Scarecrow and the Joker. Revealed to be an upset Jason Todd, Rocksteady’s ‘original’ baddie was nothing more than an underwhelming copy of Red Hood (and – to make things worse – he had terrible boss fights).

According to CBR, Jason Todd has left Gotham City behind and is operating under a new codename: the Outlaw. While this suggests that the comic book and video game version of the Arkham Knight won’t share the same identity, the inevitable mystery surrounding who he is will again likely disappoint.

The Arkham Knight will be the primary antagonist for the main story in Detective Comics #1000. With Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Mahnke being the creative force behind this narrative, it feels like a second attempt at making the dark knight’s clone a success. However, the chances of the Arkham Knight becoming one of Batman’s mainstay and beloved antagonists is slim. The masses will always regard him as the annoying cry-baby in Rocksteady’s finale, and antagonists like Deathstroke and Red Hood have already filled the role of being Batman’s equal.

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