Far Cry: New Dawn Disappoints At The 2018 Game Awards

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry: New Dawn is not the new world we and Joseph Seed expected or wanted.

After releasing a teaser trailer just a day prior to the Game Awards, Ubisoft officially unveiled Far Cry: New Dawn at Geoff Keighley’s prestigious event. Said to be a sequel to the series’ fifth instalment, the world premiere showed off cutscenes and gameplay that ultimately underwhelmed with its vibrant world, lacklustre combat, and uninteresting characters drawing lots of parallels to Rage 2.

Shown off in a lengthy trailer comprising of gameplay and cutscenes, a troublesome duo who preached that ‘power is the only currency’ were presented as the game’s main villains. With the twin sisters Mickey and Lou having only been children when the bombs dropped at the end of Far Cry 5, it seems that New Dawn is a missed opportunity due to taking place so many years after its predecessor’s controversial ending.

Not only is the franchise’s newest sociopaths and time period disappointing, it’s also the direction taken with the world. Instead of being a bleak, barren landscape devoid of life and colour, Hope County is now essentially a copy of Rage 2 with its eerily similar obsession for all things pink and zany.

Far Cry: New Dawn is scheduled for release on February 15, 2019. Although the gameplay, bright world and lack of innovation doesn't look promising, the trailer’s final seconds at least confirmed that the series’ best villain, Joseph Seed, will be returning as a changed man who possibly feels betrayed by God for how the new world has turned out.

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