Far Cry 6 Is Exactly What It Needed To Be

Far Cry 5 Joseph Seed

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 appears to be a sequel to the series’ best instalment.

Ubisoft have released a teaser trailer for the next instalment in the Far Cry series. In it, a mysterious narrator preaches “none of us were ready for the end” and that the new world after years of rain and howling winds gave way to false hope. This, along with the live-action image of a nuclear blast, strongly suggests that Far Cry 6 will be a post-apocalyptic sequel to the franchise’s fifth entry. While it would be better if there wasn’t a new title every single year, this is still good news as Hope County and Joseph Seed’s story needed to be continued.

Far Cry 5 received a mixed reception from fans and the media for failing to be the political assassination of republicans everybody was expecting, but the story, setting and main villain were still the best in the franchise. Although similar to Pagan Min and Vaas in being a well-acted sociopath with charm, style and longwinded speeches, Joseph Seed was ultimately superior as he shocked his critics and us gamers by being right about the world’s impending doom.

With Hope County and the world being victims of nuclear war, the final image of Far Cry 5 was Joseph Seed dragging you into a bunker and vowing to keep you alive so he has someone to pester about how God’s righteous fire cleansed the world of politicians and corporations. This was a brave direction to take the series, and it’s such good news that Ubisoft are going to address it rather than place gamers elsewhere and pretend it never happened.


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Presuming the post-apocalyptic sequel does actually take place in Hope County with Joseph Seed and a new band of brainwashed devotees, the developers must further explore the themes of hope, religion and morality. It cannot simply push them aside for a simpler and less controversial story where players merely massacre cannon fodder with crossbows, buzzsaws and other weapons in a landscape detractors will no doubt compare to Fallout. 

The teaser trailer ends with the reveal that the next Far Cry will officially be unveiled at the Game Awards (December 7, 1:30am GMT). With its narrator paraphrasing Joseph Seed’s final words about God’s righteous fire, it’s exciting to see how Ubisoft will continue the father’s story seeing as he has the defence that he was right and would have saved a community if it wasn’t for us gamers blowing up all his bunkers.

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