Tottenham are playing at Wembley on a temporary basis.

Tottenham Hotspur defender Danny Rose has told Ham & High that he is getting tired of playing at Wembley.

Rose made his return to the starting line-up last night for Spurs in Tottenham’s victory over Southampton.

Only 33,102 fans were in attendance for the midweek fixture, less than half the stadium’s capacity.

The low crowd made for a subdued atmosphere.

Tottenham were supposed to be in their own stadium by now, with construction having overrun.

The novelty factor of playing at Wembley has worn off for the fans, and according to Rose, some of the players too.

Rose said: “It is not nice anymore and it has sort of lost something. I don’t feel like it is an honour to play at Wembley anymore. We are all itching to get into the new stadium and hopefully it is not much longer.

“We are bitterly disappointed it has taken longer than expected, but we know everyone is putting in the hours to make sure the stadium is as good as possible.

“Hopefully over the next couple of months we will be in there, but we do sympathise with the fans.”

Many teams would have let this uncertainty affect their performances, but Tottenham are one of the strongest teams in the league.

Spurs sit in third position. While this is to their credit that they have maintained their level of performance, it does lead to wonder whether the team would be even better in their new stadium.

A full season in there could be the difference between playing for third place, or mounting a proper challenge to Manchester City.

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