The Game Awards 2018: Avengers, Mortal Kombat, And Alien Blackout

Square Enix Avengers

Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards 2018 promises to be a memorable event.

Thanks to Geoff Keighley’s dedication and genuine love for video games, the Game Awards has become so much more than a controversial charade full of fake smiles, phony speeches and corporate business practices. Along with now being a funny and sincere celebration of the year’s best titles, it is an unmissable event thanks to being filled with announcements that are spared of mercenary suits. In preparation of this special night set to be hosted on December 6, we have decided make some predictions.

Alien: Blackout

Alien Isolation

© Creative Assembly/Sega

Alien: Isolation was an Amnesia-esque nightmare in space that not enough people signed up for in fear of p****ng themselves. However, despite the underwhelming sales for Creative Assembly’s faithful contribution to the Alien franchise, Fox has trademarked a new IP titled Alien: Blackout. Expected to be announced at the Game Awards, the most that will likely be shown is a CG trailer that culminates with quick snippets of gameplay.

Days Gone

Days Gone

© SIE Bend Studio

Seeing as it was absent from Sony’s almost disastrous E3 showing earlier in the year, it’s more than likely that there will be a new Days Gone trailer to remind everybody of its April 26, 2019 release date. Expect zombies, zombies, even more zombies, and Sons Of Anarchy rejects who would be more suited for a lads night with the Wild Hogs.

Gameplay Trailer For Square Enix’s Avengers

With the Avengers: Infinity War directors being present at the event, it makes perfect sense for Square Enix to finally unveil the mysterious Avengers project which occupied Crystal Dynamics during Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’s development. Rather than another pointless glimpse of Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s mask and Captain boyscout’s shield, be prepared for a serviceable trailer that showcases cutscenes, gameplay and the title’s dim-witted goliath.

Rocksteady Were Telling The Truth

Unlike when they insisted that the Arkham Knight was an original character rather than a lazy reskin of Red Hood, we believe that Rocksteady weren’t telling any porkies in their recent Twitter post about not being at Geoff Keighley’s prestigious celebration of all things gaming. Due to the fact that Square Enix’s Avengers would again result in DC being overshadowed by Marvel, it’s a safe presumption that Warner Bros. are waiting to reveal Rocksteady’s current project at E3 2019.

Death Stranding Trailer And Release Window

Death Stranding

© Kojima Productions

Does anybody know what the f**k Hideo Kojima’s Death Standing is about? Other than it has naked Norman Reedus, Son Of The Mask babies, invisible enemies, Mads Mikkelsen as its villain, and a ginormous open-world to walk about and get infected toenails from, the action/horror Sony exclusive is a divisive enigma that is on everybody’s mind. With Kojima being Geoff Keighley’s buddy, another lengthy trailer is almost guaranteed. However, despite it likely being a PlayStation 5 launch title, we’re hoping for the announcement of a 2019 release window to accompany gameplay that is way more riveting than lengthy hikes in the middle of nowhere.

Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer And 2019 Release

Mortal Kombat 10

© NeatherRealm Studios

Regardless of the ‘leak’ on 4chan, the reveal of another Mortal Kombat game is an unsurprising inevitability you should anticipate on Thursday. In a suitably gory trailer crammed with torture, fanservice and cheesy one-liners, be prepared for a 2019 release window that will be elaborated on at next year’s E3.


The Game Awards is scheduled for December 6 at 8:30PM Eastern Time. You can watch it live on their official YouTube channel, Twitch account or website.

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