Chris Martin of Coldplay performs during the ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ Tour at Ciudad de La Plata Stadium on November 14, 2017 in La Plata, Argentina.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Los Unidades were signed to Parlophone, a branch of Warner Music Group. It didn’t take anyone long to establish that this wasn’t a new act that had suddenly emerged out of nowhere and signed a deal with one of the biggest record labels in the world – but instead, it was Coldplay.

For me personally, this seems the latest of many to attempts to rebrand Coldplay. Somewhere along the line, the band clearly decided they didn’t like the direction they were headed in. This is understandable considering they weren’t particularly original with their second or third album. They were good, no doubt, but they weren’t massively dissimilar from their previous work.

There’s only so long you can release the same music over and over, in years past U2 have had to rework their sound to appease a new audience or to keep their original audience interested. I imagine Mumford & Sons will have to consider playing with their sound slightly in years to come. In an industry that is built around the ethos; evolve or be extinct, Coldplay chose the prior.

Musicians Jonny Buckland (L) and Chris Martin of Coldplay perform on stage at SDCCU Stadium on October 8, 2017 in San Diego, California.

Mylo Xyloto was undoubtedly the turning point for Coldplay. Stylistically, it was so different from anything they’d ever released prior. Synths replaced sad and sombre piano, it was a huge milestone in their career. The collaboration with Rihanna, who was one of the best-selling artists in the world in 2011, was one of the few memorable tracks from the album. It wasn’t their best album but it was a move in the right direction. I have a feeling Coldplay are looking to switch up their sound again, especially after hearing their new track, E-Lo, under their new name, Los Unidades.

After listening to the track, I really can’t fault it. It’s funkier than anything they’ve ever released before and annoyingly catchy. Was the name change necessary? I’m not so sure but if Los Unidades release an album that’s similar to this single then for the first time in a while, I may be quite excited to hear new music from Coldplay.

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