Kingdom Hearts III: Fans Are Furious With Amazon

Kingdom Hearts 3

Eager keyblade warriors feel lied to and insist on pre-ordering Square Enix’s conclusion to their Disney epic elsewhere.

Fans of Kingdom Hearts III are mad at Amazon for failing to deliver the promised world premiere of a new trailer during their Cyber Monday stream.

Instead of brand new extracts showing Sora, Donald and Goofy interacting with all our favourite Disney heroes and princesses, fans were instead treated to the reveal of a new keyblade, along with a shortened copy of the already released ‘Together’ trailer.

Understandably disappointed, the Kingdom Hearts community shared their frustrations on Twitter:

Amazon quickly responded to the backlash, insisting that their severely underwhelming stream was Square Enix’s fault for not providing them with the necessary footage.

Despite the world-renowned company’s claim that the ‘Heartless’ were to blame, the passionate community refused to forgive them and continued expressing their contempt.

Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to release on January 29, 2019. If you wish to make your Sora the proud owner of the ‘Dawn Till Dusk’ keyblade, then you must pre-order any edition of the game from Amazon. However, if you insist on boycotting their services, there’s more than a handful of retailers where you can pre-order the long anticipated title.

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