Lil Peep’s estate have released what is believed to be his final posthumous single

Lil Peep

Lil Peep’s estate have released what is believed to be his final posthumous single, Life Is Beautiful, before his highly anticipated album, ‘Come Over When You’re Sober Part 2’, which drops Friday.

The 21 year old Long Beach native passed away due to an accidental overdose in November last year, with his meteoric rise to fame prior to his death excelled by his untimely passing.

The Soundcloud Rapper was reaching around 400,000 monthly listeners at the time of his death, since then this has shot to 18M - making him the 87 most streamed artist on Spotify. The latest single, ‘Life Is Beautiful’, is a rework of his 2015 track titled ‘Life’ from the Feelz EP and was originally produced by TeamSESH member drip-133.

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The vocals are near enough identical, however the entirely reworked instrumental gives the song a completely different feel. The synth-heavy track sounds like it was remastered in pop song style, which contrasts with the scathing and unsettling lyrics. The final line: “There comes a time when everybody meets the same fate, I think I’ma die alone inside my room”, the then 18 year old Gustav Ahr drones over soft and soothing synths. This particular line is as alarming as it is haunting, and shows that Peep was well aware of the potential consequences of his fast paced lifestyle.

Come Over When You’re Sober Part 1 was one of my favourite albums of 2017. It was dark, harrowing and in places, very unsettling. The second part is said to be the more of the same - but more introspective. It is said feature grunge and punk influences. This is not likely to be the last Lil Peep album that Colombia release, as the record label bought exclusive rights to Peep’s music earlier this year. There is a three track EP titled Goth Angel Sinner and a collab album with ILOVEMAKONENN that yet to come. Peep clearly left behind an extensive and polished body of work for someone who passed away so young.

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