Knife crime / stabbings - What is causing this epidemic among our young people ?

It seems hardly a day goes by that we learn about another stabbing involving young people under the age of 25. Knife crime in general is on the up, particularly in London.

Only two days ago, in the latest stabbing in London, a teenager was left fighting for his life after an incident just a few streets from where I live.

According to Sky News, five others died from knife attacks in the capital within the last week. The BBC reported earlier that, according to the Office for National Statistics, knife crime is on the increase in England and Wales - there were 40,147 offences in the 12 months to the end of March 2018, a 16% increase on the previous 12 months, and the highest number since 2011 (when stats were first compiled).

Sadiq Khan

With an alarming increase in knife crime, stabbings and deaths from knife attacks in London, Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan suggested that it could take a decade to effectively deal with the underlying reasons for this epidemic.

“To really make significant progress can take up to 10 years, a generation,” he said. “They saw in Scotland what we are seeing in London, which is children in primary schools thinking it is OK to carry a knife''.

In truth, there is no quick fix. And as the theories for the rise in knife crime are many, it is little wonder that it is difficult and complex to try and solve the problem.

Is this a police / authorities problem - should there be tougher penalties for been caught with a knife on the street, and for possessing and dealing in so-called 'soft drugs' ? Should there be more police on our streets ?

Is it an education problem - can our schools do more to address these critical issues, and influence student behaviour more effectively ?

Is it a social problem, so should social services be given more powers, responsibilities and resources to become more engaged ? Or is it all of the above - and more ?

Police Tape Crime Scene Do Not Cross

Why has knife crime and stabbings become so much more part of the mainstream ? Why are so many more young people carrying knives around, and finding themselves involved in life threatening / changing situations ?

Here are some of the theories:

1. Drug abuse 

2. Disenfranchised youth

3. Deprivation

4. Broken-families / Lack of role models

5. Bragging rights / looking big 

6. Protection

7. Gang initiations

8. Threats and intimidation

9. Social media revenge attacks

10. Youngsters playing violent video games acting out their alter-egos in real life

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