The 10 things UK workers find most irritating about their colleagues

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Do you tend to ignore emails maybe a little more than you should? Have a habit for leaving your desk messy?

Well, you may want to look away now if so, as unfortunately you could well be driving your co-workers up the wall with such antics.

A new survey has revealed just what UK workers find the most irritating about their colleagues, and both of those feature in the top 10 gripes.

Offensive body odour was top of the list though with 43 per cent of respondents citing that as the most irritating thing about co-workers, followed by ignoring emails, not doing the washing up, messy desks, and interrupting when people speak.

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Also in the top 10 were talking loudly on the phone, cooking smelly foods (evidently a big no-no for those using a shared kitchen), and smelling of cigarettes.

The 10 things which annoy workers the most about their colleagues

  1. Offensive body odour
  2. Ignoring emails
  3. Not washing up
  4. Messy desks
  5. Interrupting when people speak
  6. Staying in the toilet too long
  7. Talking loudly on the phone
  8. Smelling of cigarettes
  9. Cooking smelly foods
  10. Wearing the same clothes carried out two surveys of more than 1,000 Brits, getting them to list the most irritating habits they had noted in the workplace, and then ranking those identified on the list which 10 were the most unbearable.

Nearly a third of those taking part in the survey found ignoring emails the most annoying habit among colleagues, while 30 per cent also said not washing up was a problem in the workplace.

Messy desks were flagged as problems with a quarter of workers, while a fifth saw red at other workers interrupting people when they speak.

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