David Solomon is the driving force behind a surprise shakeup in the Goldman’s trading division, sources told The New York Post.

The newspaper reports that that’s despite the fact that Solomon isn’t expected to succeed Lloyd Blankfein as chief executive until at least later this year, insiders said. Solomon’s picks to run two top divisions have, in turn, left many worried about their jobs, according to sources.

Last week, Goldman announced that Pablo Salame, the 52-year-old vice chairman and global co-head of the $12 billion securities division, will “retire” next month — leaving Ashok Varadhan as its sole head. Isabelle Ealet, global co-head of the securities division, also is leaving, although that was expected, according to three sources.

With Salame’s exit, those who curried favor with him are now worried that they’ll be next to be shown the door. 

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