Carol's Revenge; The Rise of Simon: Four Walking Dead spin-offs we need

Rick And Daryl The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is in free fall but there is plenty of room for another spin-off to follow in the footsteps of the ever-improving Fear the Walking Dead.

This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season eight.

The Walking Dead's eighth season spluttered to a halt earlier this month with the majority of fans left frustrated at yet another missed opportunity.

Rather than the All Out War we were promised, it was more a case of All Out Bore as Rick and his ever-increasing allies made bizarre decisions and tedious speeches designed to stretch an eight-episode story arc over 16 hours.

The Walking Dead has not been the same since Negan first sauntered onto the screen and, 32 episodes later, not much has changed. We may have finally, and anti-climatically, seen the end of the 'war' but this show has long since outlived its glory days.

Fear the Walking Dead has shown what is possible with a fresh take on the same universe, and there are plenty of options if Robert Kirkman wants to breathe new life into his franchise. 

Carol Peletier (Think John Wick...but with Carol!)

Carol was familiar with monsters long before the zombie outbreak, suffering at the hands of her abusive husband Ed for years. But it was still a surprise to see this once timid mother become the baddest of bad-arses over the first six seasons.

With highlights including her Terminus take-down, Wolf slaughter and the brilliant way she initially tricked the Alexandrians into thinking she was all but useless, imagine what Carol could do in a show of her own.

Melissa McBride is a wonderful actress who deserves her own platform on which to shine week in, week out.

An American Journey with Dwight 

When Daryl sent Dwight on his way at the end of season eight, anyone with a heart will have been hoping he is ultimately reunited with his lost love Sherry.

So how about a spin-off that sees the anti-hero travelling the wastelands of America in a bid to find his wife? Think the Littlest Hobo but with zombies...and no dog.

We have been stuck in the same locations for so long but Dwight on a bike and on a mission could change that.

Ezekiel and Jerry: A comedy in 16 acts

Arguably the best moment of The Walking Dead's season eight finale was the brief exchange between Ezekiel and his loyal charge Jerry - a small moment of comedic magic in an otherwise turgid affair.

Without Shiva the King needs his loyal subject more than ever, and gifting the duo their own show could give this franchise fresh impetus and the self-awareness it lacks.

Hell, just put them in a room for an hour and let them riff.  It would be more fun than listening to the terrible dialogue given to the likes of Eugene and Father Gabriel.

The Rise of Simon

For a while it looked like Simon would be the villain Negan was supposed to be. 

While the Lucille-loving antagonist spent season seven leaning backwards and spouting rubbish and season eight desperately trying to rein it in, his right-hand man was a simmering explosion of a character who oozed threat whenever he was on screen.

Alas, Negan killed Simon for going against his rules only to break them himself the very next episode. 

What we would give for a prequel showing Simon's life pre-outbreak and how he eventually found his way to the Saviours.

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