Amazing - These staffers shared the same name as their firms

Morgan Stanley Name Badge Edited

How about if you worked at a firm you shared the same name with ? Well, it happened at Morgan Stanley.

Yes, Bloomberg News reports that Morgan Stanley just left Morgan Stanley

The fixed-income trader, who just happens to share a name with the 82-year-old Wall Street firm, has left the bank, a person with knowledge of the matter said. Morgan Stanley joined Morgan Stanley in 2012 after graduating from Boston College, according to records from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

A Trader Named Morgan Stanley Just Left Morgan Stanley

Aside from JP Morgan (and other firms named after their founders), we wondered if there were any other examples of staff sharing the shame name with the financial institutions they worked for.

Here's what we found:

There was once a guy called Bear Stearns, who worked for Bear Stearns

And a guy call Lehman Brothers, who worked guessed it. 

There also a chap named Pim Coe, who worked at PIMCO (that's close enough).

And a female employee of Wells Fargo named...........Wells Fargo.

The most interesting, however, is the guy called Uni Credit, who worked at the Italian banking giant UniCredit.

It's a strange world.


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