Wolverhampton Wanderers seem to be the club on everyone’s lips in 2018.

Everyone in the world of football seems fascinated with the situation at Wolverhampton Wanderers. From their finances to their overwhelming success on the pitch, there always seems to be more questions than answers. But now, there are a few more revelations for fans and media members alike to unpack.

Fosun have been examined with a magnifying glass by entities from around the globe and, as reported by the Birmingham Mail, the results could not be more positive as the Chinese company continues to go from strength to strength.

Courtesy of yet another tremendous year financially, they have generated an extra £1.5bn, yes, billion, which ensures their current net worth reaches £60 billion. The figures alone are fascinating given the circumstances, as it makes Wolves one of the richest clubs in the game right now.

That is a fact which is not lost on the fans, especially given that Fosun purchased them for just £30 million back in 2016. Since then the development of Wolverhampton Wanderers has gone through the roof, and it is odd to see just how much hatred that has generated.

Any other team competing with Wolves would kill to be in a similar position and, as we have seen this season, they are definitely beatable given the right game plan. The challenge against a club like Wolves rising up through the ranks is to knock them back down a peg or two, and many Championship sides have missed that opportunity in the second half of the year.

While their position may seem unattainable, we have seen a handful of unfancied clubs make their way up to the top of the division before eventually reaching the Premier League, and there needs to be more stories like that. Next season people are going to be talking about Wolves even more than they already are, and that is the most exciting aspect of all.

Below are some of the best reactions from Wolves supporters, who also wanted to bask in the glory of their owners’ riches:

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