Labour set to make mammoth gains in London, suggests poll

A new YouGov poll puts Labour on 54% of the vote. Can anything stop Jeremy Corbyn's advance?

In three months’ time, parts of the country - including all of London - will return to the polls in what will be the first big electoral test for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn since last year’s general election. In London, all borough seats are up for grabs, with the assumption from many in the media being that there will be a Labour tsunami and a Tory bloodbath.

The latest YouGov poll for Queen Mary University of London asked Londoners who they would back if local elections were held tomorrow.

A striking 54% of Londoners said they would back Labour, almost double the 28% who opted for the Conservatives.

Over 1 in 10 (11%) picked the Liberal Democrats, which is perhaps not surprising considering just shy of 60% of Londoners backed remain in 2016’s referendum, as reported by the BBC.

A further 4% said they backed the Greens while 2% said UKIP.


The poll is extremely good news for Labour, with Britain Elects highlighting that the poll puts Labour a whopping 16 points ahead of where it was in 2014. If repeated in May, Labour will make major gains.

However, they also point out that the Conservatives are up two points while the Liberal Democrats remain steady on 11%.

The poll is not definitive. After all, last year’s general election shows that election campaigns can dramatically turn the electoral tide.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to see the London’s local elections ending in anything other than a sea of red and bleary-eyed Tories.

Either way the people should have their say.

5. Improved Political Education

Education is the key to advancing individuals in society and advancing society itself.

Specifically, substantial, obligatory and non-biased political education is long overdue. If people are to be informed for elections, they need to understand how the system works, who the main political players are and the importance of voting in the first place.

The key to a healthy democracy is a knowledgeable population. Political education in schools is a much-needed solution to our ill democracy.

6. Automatic Voter Registration

One barrier to voting in the first place is the fact that individuals must register ahead of polling day. Generally, this is a simple procedure that takes a few minutes, however, that’s not the point. Individuals should have an automatic link with the political system via being able to vote from the get-go.

Automatic registration takes place in other countries, why not here?

Let’s make voting easy.

7. Compulsory Voting…For First-Time Voters

Many individuals, including myself, are very vary of making voting compulsory. The freedom not to vote is an important freedom and people should vote for the sake of it.

However, the proposal for first-time compulsory voting is a compromise that could set voters on a path to consistent engagement as there is strong evidence that voting is habitual, meaning that once individuals start they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. Perhaps it would be worth piloting this to see its impact.

The proposal