Top 5 favourites to replace Henry Bolton as UKIP leader

Who could take over UKIP now that Bolton is gone? Is UKIP doomed?

In another blow to UKIP, attenders of UKIP’s EGM voted out Henry Bolton as the party’s leader, as reported by the BBC.

Resultantly, UKIP is now on the hunt for a new leader, the latest in many over the last few years.

Who could replace Henry Bolton? Here are the top five favourites, according to Ladbrokes’ betting odds.

5. Tim Aker

Tim Aker sits in the European Parliament as a UKIP MEP, having first been elected in 2014. Aged just 32, could he breathe new life into the party? His odds with Ladbrokes are 8/1.

4. Peter Whittle

At the last contest, Whittle was widely seen as a favourite, but in the end he came fifth. He currently sits in the London Assembly and served as UKIP’s deputy leader under the leadership of Paul Nutall who led his party to a dramatic defeat at the 2017 general election. Ladbrokes offers odds of 6/1 for a Whittle leadership.

3. Nigel Farage

If Farage stood in leadership election, he would likely win hands down, following which his party would probably receive a bump in the polls. The Tories have scooped up a lot of the old UKIP voter, but Nigel Farage could pry that away from them if the government opted for a relatively soft Brexit. However, in January, the Express reported that the ex-leader had no plans to replace Henry Bolton. Could UKIP be heading to its final resting place?

The odds of (another!) Farage leadership are also 6/1.

2. David Kurten

The second favourite to replace Henry Bolton is David Kurten, who sits alongside Peter Whittle in the London Assembly. In 2017’s leadership election he came in third behind Henry Bolton and the far-right, anti-Islam Ann Marie Waters. With Bolton gone and Waters out the party, could 2018 be Kurten’s year? His odds are also 6/1.

1. Gerard Batten

With odds of 2/1, Batten is the clear favourite to replace Bolton. He is currently the party’s acting leader and has been an MEP for London since 2004. He previously stood in the 2009 leadership election, suggesting he has the ambition to lead.

However, with the UKIP leadership fast becoming the Defence Against the Dark Arts teaching post at Hogwarts, why on earth would he – or anyone – want the job?