Utah 2018: 7 things to know about senate-hopeful Mitt Romney

The Republican’s nominee for president in 2012 is hoping to become a United States’ Senator in November.

On Friday, Mitt Romney declared his intentions to run for a Senate in a video released on Twitter. He has stated that he wishes to represent the state of Utah by bringing its politics to Washington D.C. in the shape of balanced budgets, trade surpluses and the inclusion of immigrants.

Here are seven things you should know about the Republican candidate.

1. Before politics

Before entering politics, Romney attended the universities of Stanford, Brigham Young and Harvard. He then went to work for Bain and Company, a colossal managing consultancy and went on to become its CEO.

He was born in Michigan.

2. This is not his first crack at the senate

In 1994, Romney was selected as the Republicans' nominee for Senate in Massachusetts. He challenged Democratic incumbent Ted Kennedy (brother of J.F.K) but lost lost 59.1% - 41.0%. However, he did improve on the performances of his predecessors.

3. 2002 Winter Olympics

Its fitting that Romney has announced his candidacy during the South Korean Winter Olympics as sixteen years ago, according to NPR, following his failed Senate bid, Romney went back to work at Bain and Company before ending up running the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic games in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he now hopes to win a Senate seat

4. His run for Governor of Massachusetts

Eight years after Romney’s attempt to win a seat in the US Senate, Romney ventured into politics once more. After being selected as the Republican nominee, Romney faced off against the Democrats’ Shannon O’Brien. The Republicans had held the governorship since 1990 so Romney had a good chance of winning, and in the end, he won by securing 49.77% of the vote.

5. Romney-care

During his four-year term as governor, Romney balanced the state’s budget, according to the Washington Post, but one his achievements in Massachusetts was what became known as Romney-care, which according to NPR, Romney has said without which Obama-care would not have happened.

The bill signed into law by then Governor Romney extended healthcare coverage to almost everyone in Massachusetts, in a similar fashion to Obama-care.

6. The 2008 election

Romney did not seek a second term in 2006, however, it is worth noting that his replacement as Republican candidate was heavily defeated by Democratic challenger Deval Patrick. Romney then sought election for the presidency in 2008, but ultimately lost in the primary stage to John McCain. However, he did win eleven contest, putting him in great position for the race four years later.

7. The 2012 election

Four years later, with Barack Obama still in power, Mitt Romney ran for the Republican nomination once again. The race was initially competitive, but Romney emerged as the clear favourite, winning 42 contests and 51.1% of all votes cast. He defeated candidates such as Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, but ultimately went on to lose to Barack Obama in the general election. However, he performed slightly better than John McCain had four years earlier.

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