5 things to know about Labour’s rising star: Laura Pidcock

Is the Durham MP on track to replace Jeremy Corbyn?

A recent article in the New Statesman highlighted the “rapid rise” of Pidcock and noted that she is “tipped” to potentially replace Jeremy Corbyn should events lead that way. The Express has also highlighted that she is seen as a possible contender. But who is she? How far will she go?

1. Pidcock the newcomer

Pidcock first became an MP only last year at June’s snap election. Standing in the Labour strong-hold of North West Durham in June’s election, Pidcock won the seat with 53% of the vote. According to the Chronicle Live, Pidcock had previously served as a councillor on the Northumberland County Council, but lost her seat in the month before the general election.

2. That speech

Pidcock’s name first appeared in the media following her barnstorming maiden speech in the House of Commons last summer. In her statement she thanked her constituents, championed equality and attacked the Westminster establishment.

3. With Pidcock’s it’s not a case of keeping friends close and enemies closer

In an interview with Skwawkbox, Pidcock said she had no plans to be “friends” with any of the Tory MPs. This prompted much discussion about friendships across party lines.

She went on to say:

“The idea that they’re [Conservatives] not the enemy is simply delusional when you see the effect they have on people – a nation where lots of people live in a constant state of fear whether they even have enough to eat.”

4. Promotion

Just eight months after her election, Pidcock was appointed Labour’s Shadow Minister for Labour. This is a sign that the Labour leadership team think she has competence and can be trusted, but the question is, is the move a stepping stone to more power?

5. Odds of becoming leader

The betting odds of Laura Pidcock becoming the next Labour leader have shortened in recent weeks. According to Oddschecker, she is the twelfth favourite to replace Jeremy Corbyn in his position as leader (as of the 15th February), with Bet365 giving odds of 20/1 for a Pidcock leadership.

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