Only 29% think Corbyn would make best PM in new poll

A new YouGov poll puts Theresa May six points clear of Jeremy Corbyn, as well as both Labour and Tories each on 42% of the vote.

The latest YouGov/Times poll, conducted 28th - 29th January, puts Britain’s two parties neck and neck, roughly reflecting the result of last June’s general election and most subsequent polling.

Labour and the Conservatives are both placed on 42% while the Liberal Democrats are on 6%, the Greens on 3% and UKIP on 2%.

The past few weeks have been filled with talk of removing Theresa May, as well as cabinet splits over Brexit, but the poll is good news for the PM as she remains the country’s preferred leader 35% - 29%. This is the first YouGov/Times poll in a while to put the Labour leader below 30%.

Compared to the equivalent poll two weeks ago, Corbyn is down two points while May is down one.

The poll also suggests that Labour leads the Conservatives on the NHS, education, unemployment and housing. May’s party leads Corbyn’s on defence, Brexit, the economy, law and order and immigration. The poll found that the parties are tied on taxation.


The poll is another sign that very little has changed since the general election. Britain now has a two-party dominant system and UKIP are almost off the voting map. In terms of who would make the best prime minister, despite all her critics, May remains ahead of Corbyn, something that is surely contributing to her continued position in Number 10.

Labour may be drawing with the Conservatives, but to put Corbyn into Downing Street, they will need to make progress on issues such as Brexit and the economy, as well as convince swing-voters that Corbyn is a much better option for the country than Theresa May – or whoever replaces her.

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