Top 7 problems in the UK today: what about the NHS and immigration?

A new YouGov/Eurotrack poll reveals the issues Brits believe to be the biggest problems in the UK.

The poll, conducted between the 18th and 22nd January, asked respondents from seven European countries a variety of questions concerning the EU and issues facing their own respective countries. The top issue given by Germans was the gap between the rich and the poor while in France it was levels of immigration.

Respondents were asked to pick two problems from a list of thirteen. They were also given the option to say “something else” or “don’t know”.

7th – Housing

The seventh most picked important problem facing the country was housing. With talk in the media of a housing crisis, alongside shortages in many areas, as well as continued rising property prices and high rent zones, it is no wonder that this is seen as a significant problem. A total of 12% of Brits picked this option. In contrast, just 3% of Norwegians opted for this problem.

6th - The country’s future relationship with the EU

Despite Brexit being one of the most pressing and transformative issues of the decade, just 16% of Brits picked the UK’s relationship with the EU. A recent Britain Elects/D-CYFOR poll suggests that since November, the NHS has replaced Brexit as the most important issue.

5th - The economy

A further 16% also picked the general state of the economy. For comparison’s sake, in Germany, which has had less economic problems in recent years, just 4% picked this option.

4th - Threat of international terrorism or aggression

17% of British respondents picked this option. Following recent events in Britain and abroad over the last few years, it is no surprise that this is seen as a significant issue. Furthermore, across the channel in France, which has seen deadlier attacks, 30% picked this problem.

3rd - The gap between rich and poor

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn at 2017's election, and his pro-equality messages, highlight how significant the issue of economic inequality has become in recent years. A total of 19% of poll respondents picked this option, making it the third most important issue seen to be affecting the country.

2nd - Immigration levels

The relationship with the EU may be seen as less of an important problem by the British public, but immigration, which featured so heavily in 2016’s EU referendum campaign comes in at second place. 20% of Brits picked this option, however, compared to the other six countries included in the survey, Britain is at the bottom when it comes to immigration concerns. 35% of Germans picked this option, as did 31% of French respondents and Danes, as well as 35% of Swedes, 27% of Finns and 25% of Norwegians.

1st – Healthcare

Over the winter, newspaper headlines have been dominated by stories regarding the NHS crisis, putting the issue of healthcare at the forefront of people’s minds. A strikingly high 52% of British respondents picked health and the healthcare system as one of the most important issues facing the country. This dwarfs the equivalent figures in other countries – just 10% of Germans picked this option.

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