The world’s 7 longest bridges – how would Boris’ compare?

How would a Channel bridge linking the UK and France compare to the world's longest bridges?

According to the Guardian, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has raised the prospect of building a “22-mile” (35 kilometre) long bridge over the Channel, connecting France and the South East of England. He has reportedly talked about the possibility with French President Emmanuel Macron.

How would such a bridge compare to others around the world? It would certainly be a massive project – here are the world’s seven longest bridges (although it is worth noting the lack of consistency when it comes to actually measuring the lengths of bridges).

7th – Bang Na Expressway

According to this list of bridges by length, the Bang Na Expressway is the seventh longest bridge in the world. Situated in Thailand, it is 54 kilometres long, dwarfing any potential 22-mile long bridge across the Channel. In fact, Boris’ hypothetical UK-France bridge would be the 15th longest in the world, however, it would be the longest in Europe and the third longest outside Asia.

6th – Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

This bridge is slightly longer than Thailand’s Expressway, with an impressive length of 55km. In fact, it is a combination of connected bridges linking Hong Kong, Macau and China.

5th – Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge

Standing at almost 80km long, this colossal bridge links the two large Chinese cities of Zhengzhou and Xi’an in central China.

4th – Tianjin Grand Bridge

This bridge, which forms part of the route connecting China’s capital and Shanghai, is almost 114km long.

3rd - Cangde Grand Bridge

With a length of approximately 116km, this Chinese bridge is the reportedly the third longest in the world. It is also part of the route that links Beijing and Shanghai by rail.

2nd – Changhua-Kaosiung Viaduct

This Taiwanese bridge has a length of almost 160km – over four times longer than Boris’ proposed bridge.

1st – Dangyan-Kunshan Grand Bridge

Like the other two Chinese Grand Bridges on this list, the Dangyan Kunshan also connects Beijing with Shanghai. With a length of almost 165km, this impressive feat of engineering is the longest bridge in the world, dwarfing the proposed Channel Bridge.

What do you think of Boris' suggestion? A legitimate but ridiculous proposal or a PR stunt for the struggling foreign secretary?

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