44% of Americans think Trump is racist and five other poll findings

A new YouGov poll suggests that a plurality of Americans think the president is racist – including 38% of whites.

The striking YouGov/Economist poll, conducted 14th – 16th January, found that 44% of Americans think the president is racist compared to the 40% who disagree and the 16% who said they were not sure.

The poll comes after the US president said, “I am not a racist. I'm the least racist person you have ever interviewed”, according to the BBC. His remarks follow accusations that he used the phrase “shithole countries” in reference to people coming to America from developing nations.

Furthermore, a recent New York Times article compiled a “definitive” list of potentially racist things the president has said and done over the years.

For most presidents, the 44% figure would be extremely damaging, but one suspects that this will have no impact on Donald Trump’s time in the Oval Office.

What else did the poll find?

1. Donald Trump’s legacy

The poll also suggests that just 13% of Americans think Trump’s presidency will be remembered as being outstanding. A further 14% said they thought it would go down as being above average. In contrast, 26% said they thought Obama’s presidency was outstanding.

2. Twitter

YouGov also asked respondents about Donald Trump’s twitter use. Just 28% said they felt his use of the social media site was appropriate for a president compared to the 60% who said they felt it was inappropriate. Interestingly, 24% of Trump voters said they thought it was inappropriate.

3. A one-term president?

The poll also asked American respondents if they thought Trump would run for a second term in 2020, to which a majority (52%) said they did not think he would, including 19% of Republicans. 31% of all respondents said they thought he would run again.

By convention, incumbent presidents run for a second term without challenge from anyone in their party, but it’s possible to imagine a moderate, unity candidate challenging Trump in the primaries. Things could get interesting.

4. Trump’s favourability rating

Since a few weeks after taking office one year ago, Donald Trump’s approval ratings have been consistently negative.

This poll is no different: 43% of respondents said they had a favourable view of the president compared to the 52% who disagreed.

5. Second year expectations

The poll also asked respondents how they thought Trump’s second year in power would compare to the second year of a typical president's first term. This is a somewhat vague measure, but 30% said they thought he would accomplish more while 43% said less. About 17% he would accomplish about the same.

The full results of the poll can be accessed here.

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