These latest Brexit poll numbers are bad news for Theresa May

New survey data from ORB International suggests that the Conservatives have a long way to go to secure a successful Brexit deal.

The latest ORB monthly Brexit tracker puts approval of the way the government is handling the negotiations process at 37% - and disapproval at 63%.

This is more or less the same as when the tracker started in November 2016, however, there have been considerable changes over the past year.

In early 2017, the gap narrowed and more people approved rather than disapproved during the Article 50 process, but since Theresa May lost her overall majority, the two figures have diverged once again.

The polling company also asked voters if they were confident the prime minister would get the right Brexit deal.

During early 2017 once again, when the PM’s personal approval ratings were sky-high, most voters were confident May would be able to deliver a good deal.

However once again, since she lost her party its overall majority, the approval and disapproval figures have diverged.

The latest figures are the worst yet for the government, with 50% not confident in the prime minister's ability to deliver a good deal compared to 31% with the opposite view.


This new data is a blow to Theresa May and her government. However. while the main principles of phase one of the negotiations have been completed, phase two provides a chance for the PM to win over voters losing confidence her and her negotiating strategy.

The Brexit date is just over a year away, and it looks like the government will remain in charge until then. If Brexit negotiations end badly, Labour will be waiting in the wings to take over, but one questions still remains: what would a Labour Brexit actually look like?

The full ORB International Brexit tracker numbers can be viewed here.