Billionaire TV star is betting markets’ third favourite win in 2020

Could Oprah Winfrey actually become America’s next president?

Star of the award winning, US talk-show, the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah, herself a Democrats, is being discussed as a serious presidential candidate to take on Donald Trump in 2020. Discussion follows her passionate Golden Globes speech last Sunday, which was characterised by numerous outlets as a possible hint at her running for president.

According to CNN, sources suggest that Oprah is even considering the possibility of running for president.

And according to the Guardian, US president Donald Trump has said he would beat her in a contest.

The current favourite to win the next contest (as of 11th January 2018), according to the betting markets via Oddschecker, is the incumbent Trump, followed by VP Mike Pence. Naturally, this is not surprising as at least one of them will probably be at the top of the Republicans’ ticket in two years time.

The third favourite is Oprah. Oddschecker has also reported that the number of betters placing money on the billionaire has increased rapidly over the past week.

William Hill for instance offer odds of 12/1 for Oprah to become president in 2020.

Other possible Democratic contenders are Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

Could Oprah win(frey...)?

Yes, of course. If Donald Trump can go from being a citizen to political leader within the space of two years, so could Oprah. Anything is possible.

However, what sort of platform would she run on? Would she have a centrist catch-all position or would she have a more radical flair?

If she does win, America will have had two presidents in a row to go from TV fame and general celebrity to the top office in the land. Ronald Reagan was a big-time actor, but it’s possible that America is entering a new age of politics where elected office is the next step for TV stars and celebrities.

If this is the case, Americans will need to ask themselves if: is that the sort of democracy they want to live in?

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