How do these 7 countries feel about a United States of Europe?

1 in 10 Brits support a United States in Europe. 3 in 10 Germans also support the vision.

The leader of the SPD in Germany, Martin Schulz - and former president of the EU parliament, who led his party to defeat in September’s federal election - recently called for a United States of Europe by 2025. A new YouGov/Eurotrack survey from the middle of December reveals what these seven countries think about the prospect.

1. The UK

Britain is least supportive of a United States of Europe within the next seven years, a finding which is hardly surprising considering the country is on its way out of the union. Just 10% of Brits said they would support a United States of Europe compared to 43% who opposed it and the 18% who said they neither supported or opposed it. The fact that so many said they did not know or had no feelings either way is probably down to the fact that the UK is leaving so for many it is not seen as an issue.

2. Denmark

This Nordic country does not use the euro and has a significant number of opt-outs from various treaties. Support for an EU super-state is also very low. Just 12% would back such a prospect, well behind the 48% who would oppose it.

3. Norway

Norway is not even in the European Union, but its support for a United States of Europe by 2025 is higher than Britain’s! Like with Denmark, 12% of Norwegians said they would support a USE, however, 55% said they would oppose it.

4. Sweden

The anti-immigration, anti-EU Sweden Democrats have gained momentum in recent years and could even end up as the country’s largest party in 2018’s election. The country is in the Schengen area, but does not use the euro. Overall, just 13% of Swedes said they support a united Europe, significantly behind the 48% opposed to such a vision.

5. Finland

Like in Sweden just 13% of this country’s population favour a United States of Europe. 56% of Finns surveyed said they opposed the vision.

So far, support for a united Europe appears to be low.

6. France

This is where things get interested. The poll found that in France, the most popular option was a United States of Europe. 28% of French respondents said they would support a United States of Europe, ahead of the 27% who said they would neither support or oppose such a vision, also ahead of the 26% in opposition (although it is worth pointing out that the three results are within the margin of error).

The country is clearly divided on the issue, which was shown in last year’s presidential election between centrist and pro-EU politician now President Emmanuel Macron and anti-EU, far-right Marine Le Pen.

7. Germany

Angela Merkel is still struggling to form a government, so the prospect of a united Europe is probably not a priority, but the poll shows that 30% of Germans support a United States of Europe. This is the highest score out of all seven countries, but falls behind the 33% of Germans who would oppose a United States of Europe, something clearly shown by the rise of the AfD in September’s election.

Would you support a United States of Europe?

The full results of the YouGov/Eurotrack poll can be accessed here.

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