Politicians pay is always a point of dispute – but it’s reasonable to expect the Prime Minister to get a decent whack. But who gets more?

1 in 5 EU officials

More than 10,000 EU officials (2014) get paid more than the British Prime Minister, after tax. This information was leaked, as the European Union has a longstanding history of refusing to divulge details of officials pay. Compared to the Prime Minister, who after-tax takes home around £81,500 – middle management EU officials take home around £83,500 due to a tax rate of only 13.4%.

The Scottish First Minister

The Scottish First Minister, expenses aside, takes home a gross salary of £144,687 pre-tax – though credit to Nicola Sturgeon, who in 2015 decided she would not claim the full pay she was entitled to. This is due to a voluntary pay freeze that Scottish MPs and MSPs took in 2009.

The Speaker of the House of Commons

John Bercow gets paid £75,766 for being the Speaker, on top of his salary for being MP for Buckingham. It’s these extra commitments that tend to tip politicians over into the top end of the pay scale – although constituents of Buckingham have long complained that the ‘impartial’ nature of Bercow’s second job restricts their voice and therefore he should be stripped of his role as an MP.

43% of council chief executives

In 2015, almost half of all council chiefs in the UK were paid £150,000 – far more than the PM. According to the report by Incomes Data Services, county council chief executives in the south-east of England were the highest paid, with average earnings of £204,000, compared with £159,000 in the south-west. 

The Chief Executive of the NHS

The chief executive of the NHS, earns upwards of £255,000 – including £45,000-£50,000 for a rented flat and expenses for living in London. The revelation came during the Coalitions early years in power, when funding for the NHS was becoming an increasingly provocative issue. Many will wonder how the NHS can continually ask for more money when they are guilty of such pay disparity between nurses and chief execs?