7 most controversial Donald Trump tweets of 2017

The US president is known for his controversial tweets. Which ones make the list?


In March, the US president made the shocking claim that Barack Obama had been wiretapping Trump Tower ahead of 45’s election. The Independent later reported that there was no evidence behind the allegation.

That “CNN” tweet

In early July, Trump posted a video depicting him at a wrestling match beating down a man with a “CNN” logo over his face with the simple caption “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN”. It’s easy to understand why this caused a major backlash online. It’s next to impossible to imagine any former president doing something similar. The tweet has been shared over 360,000 times and like almost 600,000.

Transgender military ban tweets

In a series of tweets in late July, the US president made the controversial announcement that transgender individuals would not be allowed to serve in the military – “in any capacity”

The tweets prompted a strong backlash both online and offline.

In November, the New York Times reported that a judge had blocked the ban.

America’s nuclear might

The following month, Trump used the social media platform to increase tensions between the US and North Korea. Following threats that North Korea could face America’s “fire and fury” as reported by the BBC, Trump highlighted the power of his country’s nuclear arsenal in what was widely seen as a “subtle” message to North Korea.

Mexico will pay for “THE WALL

At the end of August, Trump reiterated his position that Mexico would pay for the wall likely to be built at the US-Mexico border.

A day later, CNN reported that the country said that it would not pay for any wall between the two nations.

Britain First retweets

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump’s three November retweets of Islamaphobic videos from the far-right Britain First gets a spot on the list. The tweets angered and caused upset on both sides of the Atlantic. The Guardian reported that Theresa May criticised the US president at the time, to which Donald Trump responded on Twitter.

Jayda Fransen who posted the original videos has since been suspended from Twitter, according to the I.

“Short and fat” Kim Jong-un

In mid-November, the President of the United States – yes, let’s remind ourselves of that for a moment: Donald Trump is America’s president – tweeted in response to Kim Jong-un allegedly calling the president “old”. He said that he would “NEVER call him “short and fat””. Obviously, the irony of saying that is that he essentially has called the leader of North Korea short and fat.