Hugo Lloris is Tottenham Hotspur and France captain, and his immense stature has caused Real Madrid to take a look at him – would he be a good target for Los Blancos?

Hugo Lloris is a top quality goalkeeper. He’s firmly established as France’s no. 1 and should hold onto the shirt for a long, long while. At club level he’s been excelling for many seasons.

The Mirror is reporting that Real Madrid will swoop in for Lloris should Tottenham fail to win a trophy this season, reasoning that this will make it easier to convince the Frenchman to leave.

Real Madrid are one of the top sides in the world, but they have a tricky relationship with their Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas. His lack of marketability has always hindered his reputation with the top brass at the Bernabeu, as ridiculous as that is.

And now that Navas isn’t pulling off miracle saves every game, there’s plenty of space for Lloris (who as the French no. 1 would have no such problems with Madrid’s marketing focus) to move in.

In terms of quality he obviously has what it takes (although his kicking can definitely use work). A veteran of many high-profile matches at international tournaments for France, he’s never shown any signs of being unable to handle the big occasions.

But should Lloris go? Well, at 30 years-old, he is the oldest member of the Tottenham starting XI. Only back-up goalkeeper Michel Vorm is older in the squad, and of the first-choice side only Jan Vertonghen (30) and Toby Alderweireld (28) are near him in age.

He’s very much the old man of the side. And whilst this means he’s a great choice for captain and a wonderful figurehead, it also means he can’t wait around for Tottenham to start winning things.

Success as an end goal, a promise, is all well good when you’re a young player. You can wait around, enduring seasons of near-misses, appreciating that the team’s growth will parallel your own. Not so for veterans like Lloris.

Moreover, the majority of Tottenham’s squad are underpaid for their talent level in the current market. Again, for the young players this is less of an issue. They can wait a bit longer for Tottenham to start paying out the big bucks (or to force a move elsewhere as Kyle Walker did in the summer).

For Lloris that window is much shorter, in fact it may not last too long beyond this summer as many of the world’s best teams have all got top-class goalkeeping options. If he feels like he has to move on to try and compete for trophies, or to get a payday, there’s only one real club with an impending vacancy (Juventus will doubtless look inside Serie A when they have to replace Gianluigi Buffon) and quite fittingly it’s Real Madrid.

If Lloris values winning, he should make the jump. He’s certainly good enough.

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