If these 6 politicians were in Star Wars, who would they be?

Whose reign will be longer: Theresa May’s or Darth Vader's?

The long-awaited and highly-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi comes to the big screens next week, so we thought we’d answer the question on “everybody’s” lips:

If politicians were characters from Star Wars, who would they be?

Ahead of the release of The Force Awakens in 2015, YouGov released a poll asking a variety of Star Wars and politics-related questions.

David Cameron - Darth Vader

The poll asked respondents to say which character they thought each character would most like to be. With “don’t knows” and "none of the aboves" removed, 22% picked Darth Vader for then Prime Minister David Cameron. A further 14% chose Emperor Palpatine while a further 14% said Jabba the Hutt. Unsurprisingly, it was non-Conservative voters that dominated these preferences.

Perhaps respondents then were right. David Cameron once ruled with an iron fist, but fell from power only to allow a “darker force”, the First May Order, to rise from the shadows and rule the galaxy. Then again, in Episode VI, Vader’s final act was to defeat Palpatine, whereas David Cameron’s was to cause the biggest geopolitical conundrum in years.

Theresa May - The Death Star

As for the current Conservative leader Theresa May, her closest comparison is probably the Death Star. Like May, the Death Star looked set to destroy and conquer all, but was defeated at the hands of an optimistic opposition. And like the Death Star, she did not disappear over night as a new one was later build.

Jeremy Corbyn - Yoda

As for Jeremy Corbyn, 16% of poll respondents said they thought he would most like to be Yoda, just ahead of the 15% who picked Obi-Wan and the 12% who opted for Darth Vader. I guess much of it will depend on one’s political persuasion, but if Jeremy Corbyn failed to win the next election or steps down before the next vote, he will need to cultivate a successor, someone who can take down the Tory Empire, much like Yoda and Obi-Wan did for Luke Skywalker before passing on.

Tim Farron - Wicket the Ewok

Remember him? The former Liberal Democrat leader got an underwhelming response. 61% said they did not know, and out of those who gave an answer, his top two were Wicket the Ewok and C3PO, 14% and 13% respectively. In good news for the Liberal Democrats, 11% said Luke Skywalker.

Vince Cable - Obi-Wan Kenobi

As for the party’s new leader, perhaps he has a claim to being Obi-Wan Kenobi like Corbyn. After a brief spell in the wilderness – out of political office – he has come back ready to take on the Dark Side (untamed capitalism and Brexit chaos).

But if Star Wars is anything to go by, Cable will be in for a nasty end...

Nigel Farage - Han Solo...or Jabba the Hutt depending on your political opinion

The top answer given for UKIP’s ex-leader was Darth Vader (20%) followed by Jabba the Hutt (18%) and Emperor Palpatine (11%). For readers that aren’t that into Star Wars – these are characters you should not want to be. That said, Palpatine’s force lightening is pretty badass.

Brexiteers might argue that Farage is Han Solo, the rugged charmer taking down an empire. A look at the statistics shows that 22% of UKIP voters thought exactly that.

The full resultsof the December 2015 YouGov poll can be accessed here.