7 junior ministers Conservative members think deserve a promotion

From Jo Johnson to Rory Stewart, these are the ministers to watch.

According to the latest Conservative Home survey of Tory Party members, here are the seven junior ministers that members want promoted.

7th - Alistair Burt

The seventh most picked minister was Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt. Since 2010, Burt has served in a variety of junior roles, but was also a social security minister in the final years of John Major’s government. Burt has plenty of experience, suggesting that he is long overdue a promotion. 11% of poll respondents picked him.

6th - George Eustice

Who? Selected by 12% of members polled, Eustice is the sixth most popular junior minister supported for a promotion amongst members. First elected in 2010, this Cornwall MP has increased his vote-share at each one of the last three elections, and has been an Agriculture, Fisheries and Food minister since 2013.

5th - Matt Hancock

With 15% of members saying he is line for a promotion, this junior minister is one to keep an eye on. Since 2013, he has served in six ministerial roles - most recently as digital and culture minister. Before his election to parliament in 2010, Hancock was George Osborne’s chief of staff.

4th - Greg Hands

This New York born Conservative MP was first elected in 2005, taking the seat of Hammersmith and Fulham from Labour. Following the 2015 election, he was appointed Chief Secretary of the Treasury following the departure of the Liberal Democrats from the government. Since June’s election, Hands has served as the minister for London. A total of 17% of poll respondents said he was due for a promotion.

3rd - Jo Johnson

Boris is the Johnson that is seen to have a realistic shot at getting into Number 10, but Jo Johnson should not be underestimated. Picked by a striking 28% of survey respondents, Jo Johnson is the third most popular junior minister seen to be in line for a promotion. The MP for Orpington has been the Universities and Science Minister since Cameron secured a majority in 2015.

2nd - Rory Stewart

Stewart has long been seen as a minister to watch, so it’s no surprise that 46% of survey respondents selected him. Stewart has plenty of foreign policy experience and currently serves as a minister for the Foreign Office and the DfID.

1st - Dominic Raab

Raab edges Stewart out the way to secure the top spot on the list. Just shy of 50% (49.88%) of survey respondents said they felt Raab was due a promotion. First elected in 2010, Raab now serves as the courts and justice minister.

The names on this list are of junior cabinet ministers seen to be due a promotion by Conservative Party members, but the list could have another purpose too:

This is the future of the Conservative Party, once the old guard of May, Davis, Johnson, Rudd and Hammond move on.

The full results from Conservative Home can be accessed here.

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