Big jump in support for cancelling a Donald Trump state visit

New poll is another blow to the embattled US president.

A new YouGov poll suggests that 55% of Brits would like to see any state visit to the UK by Donald Trump cancelled.

In October, the Independent reported that the US president would not visit the United Kingdom until next year, and more recently, British Home Secretary Amber Rudd suggested that a visit could be kicked into the long-grass, according to the Telegraph.

Following Trump’s recent retweets of the far-right Britain First’s anti-Muslim videos, it’s becoming incredibly challenging to imagine Donald Trump visiting the UK in the foreseeable future. And even if he did visit the UK, it would be difficult to see his arrival not being met with large-scale protests, the likes of which the country have not seen in a long time.

Public opposition to a state visit is growing. In January, shortly after Trump’s inauguration, 49% said a state visit should go ahead, a significantly higher proportion than the 36% who said it should be cancelled, according to a YouGov poll at the time. By September, the gap had narrowed to 41% and 45% respectively, but the latest poll (conducted 30th November – 1st December) found that 55% of Brits think a state visit should be cancelled, significantly ahead of the 31% who supported one taking place.

In the data, there was a clear age divide, with older voters more likely to support a state visit than younger voters. There was also a clear party political divide, with 50% of Tory voters in favour of a Trump state visit compared to just 18% and 28% of Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters respectively.

Furthermore, the poll indicates that UK citizens could vote in US presidential elections, 56% would back Hillary, significantly more than the 12% who would back Donald Trump (including 22% of Tory voters and 22% of Brexit voters).

Overall, if the current trend continues, opposition to a state visit is only going to grow.

The full results of the poll can be accessed here.