The political week in 6 tweets: from Donald Trump to the Brexit bill

This week in politics has contained a series of significant events. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump’s twitter was involved...

1. Donald Trump shares posts from Britain First

The award for the most controversial set of tweets of the week goes to the United States President. Under Barack Obama, it would have been difficult to imagine that sentence ringing true, but that’s the world we now live in. Trump’s recent online episode started when his account retweeted three tweets from the deputy leader of far-right group Britain First.

The controversial tweets have yet to be removed.

2. Trump’s response

British Prime Minister Theresa May soon condemned the tweets, prompting Donald Trump to tweet directly at her in a move unprecedented in modern political times.


3. The Brexit bill

Another big story of the week was the so-called divorce bill between the UK and the EU. The BBC reported that the bill could be worth up to 50bn euro.

On Friday, the Daily Politics went out to see what people thought of the amount. Should the UK pay 50bn euro?



4. Net migration

New ONS figures show that net migration fell significantly in the twelve months after the UK voted to leave the EU, suggesting that the decision to leave is already having a major effect on the country.


5. Man’s Not Hot

Newly elected Labour MP Fiona Onasaya used a line from Big Shaq’s recent song 'Man’s Not Hot' in the Commons to put forward her message. The lyrics received little recognition in the chamber, but were soon pointed out on Twitter.

6. PMQs

On Wednesday, First Secretary of State Damian Green stepped in for Prime Minister Theresa May and faced off against Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry.

Thornberry’s performed reasonably successfully with the BBC’s Andrew Neil saying she had a “good start” and had “some good jokes and good lines”.