What do Conservative party members think of a Brexit divorce bill?

A new Conservative Home poll indicates that Tory party members are reluctant to pay the amount recently discussed.

A recent BBC report indicates that the final figure the UK ends up having to pay the EU in the Brexit process could be around the 50bn euro mark. This would be about £44bn at the current rate.

A new YouGov Live poll suggests that the public are split on the UK government paying around £50bn in the exit process, with 31% saying it’s worth it to move on the next stage and 34% with the opposite view.

But how do Conservative party members feel about paying 50bn euro to Brussels?

A new Conservative Home poll indicates the feelings of the Conservative grassroots. It found that fewer than one in six would support a sum of £60bn or more and 35% would support paying £40bn+, which is more or less the figure currently being discussed, suggesting resistance among the membership.


Overall, the poll indicates that Conservative members are unwilling for the UK to pay larger sums of money to leave the EU although there is reasonable support for a moderate figure. However, it is worth noting that Conservative Party members have very little power within their organisation and the organisation as a whole is dwindling in size.

As a result, while keeping the members happy will be on the radar of Conservative MPs, the views of the public will be the party’s bigger concern.

The full results of the poll can be viewed here.